Healthcare was never a field I imagined myself in, as when I was younger I only wanted to teach.  I did teach special education for seven years, but was not happy.  I loved working with my students, but there was something missing.  I stopped teaching to care for my children for a few years, and wanted more.  I started researching aromatherapy one day, and everything I read relating to it lead me to massage therapy.  I thought that was something I could do, and overnight, my husband and I decided it was time for me to go back to school.  

I have always loved the idea of taking as little medication as possible, and massage therapy is a natural form of healing which fits what I have always believed.  When I first started learning about massage, I was in awe about all of the health benefits and started wondering why everyone doesn't utilize this resource.  The body has the power to heal through touch, with much more beneficial and long lasting results, as well as much fewer unwanted side effects.  

I am currently trained in relaxing massage, trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy.  These modalities alone can help heal many diseases but there is always more to learn.  I plan on becoming trained in reflexology by utilizing massage of the face, ears, hands, and feet to influence the entire body.  My ultimate goal is to work with people who have chronic conditions and to help heal their body with as little medication use as possible.  I am currently studying at Children's Hospital during off days from Embody to further my education of the healing effects of massage therapy.  

I look forward to working with each of my clients, and creating a massage experience that is as unique as each person I have the honor of working on.