Sharon Dean, PH.D., Licensed massage therapist, owner

Massage therapy has always been part of my life. My father was an Osteopathic physician and showed me numerous techniques that he used to relax and give pain relief to his patients with chronic illnesses. I observed how massage helped many of his patients with cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and those who were elderly. I have always been convinced that a healing touch can help patients in almost any circumstance. In 2014, I decided to leave my museum career to pursue my passion. I recently completed my studies at Columbus State. I am now licensed in massage therapy and certified in Trigger Point work and Oncology Massage. Read More


Steven Phillips, L.P.N., Licensed Cosmetologist, owner

I started my career in cosmetology at the Lorain County Joint Vocational School in Oberlin, Ohio. After getting my cosmetology license, I worked at Studio 8 salon for nearly a decade. My mentor at Studio 8 taught me more about the business aspects of the salon and I went on to get my Managing Cosmetologist license. Later on, I went in to the medical field after earning my Licensed Practical Nurse degree and worked at a nursing home for several years. 


amanda ritchey, yoga instructor

I started my yoga journey as a way to get back in shape after baby #2. Little did I realize at the time that yoga is so much more than the asanas (postures) that we see on TV and Instagram. The mental, spiritual and physical benefits I received from yoga were so life-changing, I went on to complete my 200 hour RYT training at Burn Within Yoga in Grove City. I am excited to bring my love of yoga to those in my Hilliard community. Read More

chelsea (1).JPG


Alternative healing methods such as massage, herbal medicines, aromatherapy, etc. make more sense to me than most things in this world. I began my holistic journey at the Healing Arts Institute (a.k.a Orion Institute) in Perrysburg, Ohio studying therapeutic massage. I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself mentally, physically, and energetically. I love assisting the body in the process and being a part of a solution that reaches the core of the problems. Stretching, movement, and kneading to restore and aid the body’s natural healing process is so important to me, mainly because movement is life!  Read more


KARIANNE CISEK, licensed massage therapist

Powerful practices like holistic healing, mindfulness, and setting an intention have always captured my interest. Massage therapy allows me to activate these practices. I intend to be mindful during my practice and help my clients let go of stress by bringing their bodies and minds back to a place of true relaxation. I recently earned my massage therapy certificate at Columbus State Community College and I am very excited to begin my practice at Embody Health and Wellness. Read More


KAtie seringer, yoga instructor

Yoga has been a part of Katie’s life since she was a teenager taking classes at a local gym. When a coworker pushed her to enroll in teacher training, she took the plunge and she completed 200 hour Power Yoga training with GoYoga.  She is also certified in Sekoia Yoga through Yoga on High. She teaches for a physical release balanced with allowing space for self-discovery. She humbly offers her light and celebrates our bodies’ ability to move. Read more 


NICOLE BLACK, licensed massage therapist

Healthcare was never a field I imagined myself in, as when I was younger I only wanted to teach.  I did teach special education for seven years, but was not happy.  I loved working with my students, but there was something missing.  I stopped teaching to care for my children for a few years, and wanted more.  I started researching aromatherapy one day, and everything I read relating to it lead me to massage therapy.  I thought that was something I could do, and overnight, my husband and I decided it was time for me to go back to school.    Read More